OakleyWebCam/OakleyWeather Solar Power Stats

Ok, I think I've finally got this working right.
The stats should be correct as of 07/08/2015.
Daily totals for the first 13 days of November
are under reported due to time change issues.

System Name: Oakley Power Technologies
System Type: Grid Tied
System Nominal Voltage: 48 VDC
PV Array Wattage: 2000 W
PV Array Volttage: 90 VDC
Battery Ah Capacity: 200 Ah
Generator kW Rating: NA
Max Inverter Output kW: 1.5 kW
Max Charger Output kW: 6 kW
Shunt A is not in use.
Shunt B measures current from batteries to the inverter.
Shunt C measures current from PV arrays to the batteries.